Nature Vs. Nurture In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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In character analysis, one may often ask what is the effects of nature vs. nurture? However, this question does not provide many concrete answers. In regards to the literary work, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, this question becomes even more perplexing, as the “modern” society lacks many aspects of the natural world and relies on conditioning rather than nurturing.For all intents and purposes, the citizens of what John dubs “‘[the] brave new world’” are little more than infants or pre programmed dolls, carrying out the orders and beliefs that have been instilled in them since birth (141). Perhaps the most interesting case of character comes from John himself, who grew up in a society whose beliefs lie far outside of those of the modern society, yet remained ostracized from it due to his parental connection to said modern world. Alienated by two distinctly…show more content…
By facing down the sea of unreactive twins, John challenges the predestined path of the advanced society, which is too far separated from his way of thinking for him to change, showcasing how the radical one holds little power of the dulled, herd-mentality minds of many. One of the most interesting clashes of ideologies comes from the Mustapha Mond and John’s discussion, for despite their similar views on the arts and conditioning, Mustapha was still brought up following the ways of the Ford Society and, like John’s own mother, is unwilling to give that up. Whereas Mustapha is content to keep from going against the grain, to live out his life in comfort away from the islands he was threatened with in his youth, John, who is unable to return to the Reservation expresses his desire to continue living what his childhood at the Reservation his deemed a worthy life,
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