Nature Vs Nurture Case Study

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In the field of Psychology there has been a long-standing debate on the topic of nature vs. nurture. Is it the environment that plays a part in what the child becomes or just simply how the child is raised that truly effects the child’s development and over all outcome as a person? Many can agree that it is not just one or the other but a combination of both nature and nurture. With that being said, when a child is maltreated, specifically neglected, not only is the child not being properly nurtured but also their environment is not conducive to a healthy and beneficial childhood. In the case study presented within this paper, 10-year-old Mya Jones experiences neglect from her drug addict/dealing parents and is suffering from depression, lack of nutrition, and is in special education classes. Her story will help bring to light the trauma experienced by neglected children as well as help analyze ways in which to help those children. Child neglect is a form of abuse and trauma that has all encompassing effects. Not only does it do physical harm to a child but as well as affects their emotional, mental, and educational development.

Keywords: neglect, nature, nurture, maltreatment, abuse
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Mariah and Bobby met 7 years ago when Mariah dropped out of college and began her addiction to meth. Mariah’s relationship with Bobby is an unhealthy one and at times abusive. Bobby is the local drug dealer and uses the apartment in which he shares with Mariah to conduct business and if need be pimps Mariah out to costumers for extra cash. A year after Mariah and Bobby met; Mariah found out she was pregnant with a little girl. Though Mariah took a hiatus from her drug use while pregnant she still delivered early and her baby, Mya, was born a month premature. Not long after giving birth Mariah relapsed. She cannot leave Bobby because she is financially dependent on

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