Nature Vs Nurture By Sarah Mae Sincero

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Nature vs Nurture What makes you who you are? is it the genes you inherited from your parents? Or the people you surrounded yourself with and the things you’ve been through? Nature versus Nurture is a question that is heavily debated. In “Nature and Nurture Debate”; Writer Sarah Mae Sincero briefly explains what “Nature” and “Nurture” essentially are, and how when it comes to shaping our personalities our enviroment trumps our genes. This argument has been ongoing for years now. I believe that nurture is the most vital factor in shaping our personalities, while nature is just the foundation block. Sarah Mae Sincero fails to effectively end the argument as her article lacks emotional and everyday evidence. In addition, her article was relatively…show more content…
Her first paragraph discusses what nature is and how our genes affect the way we look she also states that we’re still unsure if our attributes are also affected by our genes. This is an example of logos; in where the writer uses logic and scientific research or data to connect to the audience in a logical way. Sarah Mae Sincero writes in the second paragraph, about how we might be able to pinpoint the genes that are in charge of our sexual preference or criminal behavior once researchers have enough evidence to prove their existence. She takes hold of the audiences attention by appealing to them in a logical way. In the third paragraph; Sincero she mentions how genes play a role in our behavior, and describes how faternal twins that get seperated often end up portraying similar characteristics and traits. This is the last explanation she offers for Nature and proceeds to discuss what nurture is and how it is the prime factor in the upcoming…show more content…
Sincero mentions the faternal twins again, and states “Although it is true that fraternal twins raised apart have remarkable similarities in most respects, still the intervention of the environment have caused several differences in the way they behave.” This in my opinion, greatly weakens her argument as it can be seen as repetitive and it seems as though she is unsure of why faternal twins may act that way. Concluding her article with a question, the audience will be left to wonder; maybe even do their own research, regarding what makes us into the people that we are? I feel like this conclusion could be used as a double edged sword. On one side, the audience will be left some what confused with no proven answer; this further weakens what ever argument the writer attempted to put up. On the other hand the audience will be left with many questions peaking their interest in the subject at

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