Nature Vs. Nurture : An Age Old Debate On How What Affects The Human Mind?

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“Nature is all that a man brings himself into the world; nurture is every influence which affects him after his birth (Rosch).” Nature vs Nurture is an age old debate on how what affects the human mind. What makes it tick? Is it genetics that decides how smart a person is? What about the environment in which they are raised? The nature side of the debate is that people are pre-programmed in the womb to behave and think a certain way. The nurture side believes that people are shaped by their surroundings more than genetics. What if both were true? That nature and nurture together mold the person to be who they are today. There are some that would agree that the debate is over. That they both work together to create our intelligence (Tarvis). The question and quest to find the answer all started with Sir Frances Galton. In the 1800’s Sir Frances Galton came up with the nature versus nurture theory. He was also the founder of eugenics and the questioner study of psychology. He was the first person that reached the conclusion that intelligence was based on genetics (Galton). The belief at the time was that everything that influenced a person happened after birth. Galton’s curiosity was struck after reading the findings of genetics that his cousin, Charles Darwin, had done (Fancher). Galton started to work with twins to find out the answers to his questions. He would send out questionnaires to families that had twins who were the same sex. It asked what the similarities were between the twins while growing up. The results that came back were insightful, they showed that even with twins that had different upbringings, many were very similar. However, some twins who had the same background growing up ended up being very different f... ... middle of paper ... ... against today. Nature vs Nurture, genetics vs environment, which one wins at the end of the day? “Heritability and environ-mentality add to unity” (Mclafferty Jr). It is both that mold the person to be who they are. Genetics are needed and play an important role in the survivability and the evolution of the human race. The environment helps teach lessons that are needed to be able to function through life. As illustrated in Dani’s case that genetics weren’t enough to sustain her to be able to develop human interaction. She needed her environment to be more interactive to teach her the basics. But yet if genetics’ did not play a part, the lessons that a person’s ancestors learned that imprinted themselves to be passed done at a basic level, would change everything with how the world works. Unity of the inside and outside is what brings everyone to become someone.

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