Nature Nurture Debate Essay

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The nature nurture debate is defined as “the question of the degree to which inborn biological processes or environmental events determine human behaviour” ( ). The nature nurture debate has been an ongoing escapade for many years, effecting people’s opinions on a vast range of topics including but not limited to mental illness, addictions and susceptibility to diseases ( ). The debate looks into an event or characteristic to determine whether it was ultimately caused by a individuals genetics or the surround environmental influences. When the debate first began individual’s options where very holistic either the characteristic was caused by nature or nurture; however In more modern times it has become obvious that it a majority of cases…show more content…
Compared to other research methods such as phenotyping family members, twin and adoption studies are sufficiently simpler and cheaper especially if relevant registries are available ( ). It has been said that The results of twin and adoption studies have now resolved the ‘nature-nurture debate’; this essay will critically discuss this statement and explore this thesis in regards to depression. According to the fourth edition of the diagnostic manual of mental disorders, depression is defined as “the prolonged presence of either depressed mood or ambedonia, a markedly diminished interest or pleasure in response to previously enjoyable activities” ( ). This essay will discuss how depression is influenced by both nature and nurture and will discuss the finding of twin and adoption studies conducted on this matter. The way in which this essay will demonstrate the depression is influenced by both nature and nurture is by devolving into studies and statistics arguing both ideas of the…show more content…
The use of twin and adoption studies have assisted in distinguishing characteristics as nature or nurture ( ). Twin studies use the relativeness of twin’s genes to determine the heritability of a certain trait or characteristic ( ). The way in which twin studies work is researchers compare monozygotic twins which are genetically identical and dizygotic twins who are 50% genetically identical ( ). Twin studies are a very valuable source when distinguishing if certain characteristics or trait have steamed from a genetic basis ( ). In regards to the nature nurture debate, twin studies are very useful in supporting the nature claim. This is because twin studies focus mainly on the genetic resemblance to determine the heritability of a certain trait. For example, typically monozygotic and dizygotic correlations in regards to depression are approximately 0.4 and 0.2 meaning heritability is approximately 40% ( ). Another study that is often associated with twin studies is adoption studies. In contrast to twin studies, adoption studies are mainly used to determine the environmental influence and are generally used to support nurture arguments. Adoption studies follow individuals who and relatively genetically similar and compare how they have developed when raised in different environments. By doing this researcher are able to get a clear view of the
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