Nature In The Romantic Era Essay

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Nature’s beauty can be seen all around us and has been and will always be there for us to appreciate; yet the way we experience and interpret nature is ever changing. The Romantic Era was a literary movement that gave a new attitude towards nature that was unique and spiritual. The Romantic movement, beginning around 1798, and carrying on well into the mid 1800s, expanded into almost every corner of Europe, into the United States, and Latin America. The ideology of the romantic era, of being completely humanistic, was the opposite of the new ideas of logic and reason of the Enlightenment. Many Romantic poets, authors and artists are famous for their wondrous work about the world around us; focusing mainly on nature and the majestic aspects…show more content…
Wordsworth truly emphasized the influence nature had on human morals and emotion. He spiritualised nature and regarded the environment as a philosophical moral teacher, as a mother and even guardian, as the one true elevating influence that was greater than any other. He believed that between man and Nature there is mutual consciousness and understanding, as well as a spiritual connection. According to him, human beings who grow up in the lap of Nature like he did were the ideal humans, the perfect kind. Above all, Wordsworth emphasized the moral influence of Nature as this pastoral influence. “They are second only to nature, which is "the breath of God." (Wordsworth 221). It was his special characteristic to concern himself, not with the strange and remote aspects of the earth, and sky, but nature in ordinary, familiar, everyday moods.Wordsworth stressed upon the moral influence of Nature and the need of man’s spiritual discourse with it “Great and benign, indeed, must be the power/ Of living nature,” (Wordsworth 167). He did not recognize the scary, hideous side of nature, only its…show more content…
Compared to the the shell which represents art and poetry. As the arab leaves to bury the two items the realization that the two objects represent human knowledge in a tangible form and nature, who is in the form of an Arab and a Knight on a camel are there to help guide the human race to have our knowlege from decay and destruction by burying the objects. A major aspect of Romantic poetry is the surreal concept of the sublime. Sublime to romantics meant a heightened emotion expressed through terror, especially seen in nature. It gives evidence of the God’s power- a theme that artists and poets explored as romantics. This term conveys the human emotion people experience when they see something that leaves them in awe; for example, magnificent landscapes, the endless sea or horizon, or finding themselves in certain situations that can inflict feelings like fear or admiration. The sublime is used by Turner and many other Pre-Romantic painters. in the painting, the sails of the ship are rolled up, and water splashes and flies around and over it the ship, almost consuming it. The jagged, dark, clouds point to a forming storm and just shows how utterly consuming and unpredictable nature can be. In addition to the water and storm clouds, the symbolism of the blood-red color of the sunset, and the brown of the

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