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Nature conservation is important for the protection of biodiversity. Biodiversity is the variability among living organisms from all sources, including terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystem and the ecological complexes where they are part of. It includes the diversity within species, between species and ecosystems. Therefore, biodiversity is a fundamental of life support system and it forms the foundation of ecosystem service to which human actions is intimately linked. Biodiversity is consisted of many elements including living things for example animals and plants, non-living things (soil, sunlight, water, air) ecosystem and the interactions between living things and non-living things. Therefore, none of the organism can live in…show more content…
Rainforests play an important role in maintaining the balancing of the global ecosystem and environment. Rainforests help to regulate the surrounding temperature. This is because rainforest is also known as the ‘lungs’ of the earth as rainforest absorbs huge amount of carbon dioxide and release huge amount of oxygen. Carbon dioxide is heat trapped gas. Therefore, when the plants in rainforest used up carbon dioxide in photosynthesis, it helps to reduce the composition of carbon dioxide in air and thus reduce the surrounding temperature. Therefore, destruction of rainforest may cause the production of greenhouse gases which causes the surrounding temperature to rise. This results in the melting of the ice cap in Arctic and Antarctic which causes the rising of sea level. As a results, floods may occur in the low land all over the world. Rainforest also acts as a water reservoir in global ecosystem. This is because one of the criteria to be recognized as rainforest, an area much receive at least 80inches of rain every year. Therefore, rainforests help to maintain the water cycle by producing large amount of rain every year. Water produced by rainforest makes its way all over the world. Hence, the destruction of rainforest may affect the water cycle system which lead to droughts in different area all over the world. Rainforests also act as the habitats for half of the plants and animals found in the world. Thus, destruction of rainforest may cause the loss of habitats for the flora and fauna. Thus, nature conservation helps to maintain and reserve the natural resources that can be found in

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