Nature And Nature: Why Nature Is Nurture?

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Our parents are a huge part of our genetic make up. They’re the deciding factors of whether we are a boy or a girl, how you have freckles, even the color of your irises. Theses are already predetermined before anyone is even born, but what about after that? To be more precise what about their personality? Where does that come from? Is it already decided for someone, or is it from the environment that they’ve grown up in? Although the term nurture could be argued that helps define us for who we are, it’s not as good as explaining why nature is better at telling us why we act this way or why we do something in a different manner. Prime examples of this are criminal rates, divorce, and the two adorable siblings known as twins. Before going into detail why nature is better at explaining why…show more content…
After marriage there are so many factors that depend on if the marriage will work. Some, of this includes stress, financial struggles, and children. Although these provide great examples on why nurture is a dominant factor towards divorce, but nature has a more influential standard on this delicate subject. From research on divorce, it is strongly believed that genetics determine whether or not your marriage will survive or not. Beth Jerskey and Michael Lyons with colleagues from Boston University studied marriages on identical and non-identical twins. According to their research “ Sure enough, identical twins – who share the same genes – were more likely to follow the same patterns of divorce than non-identical twins, who share roughly half their genes like ordinary siblings. This suggests there’s a significant genetic influence on divorce.” (para. 3) This shows that there is a strong biological influence on this subject. While divorce is a touchy subject to discuss, even nature has the upperhand on this
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