Nature And Environmentalism In Avatar

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Josh (Chan Wha) Jung English Composition 3 Lecture 1 Chichester, Teddi Paper # 2 Topic # 8 First Draft 5/1/14 James Cameron’s “Avatar”: A Spiritual Connection We all live among the beauties of nature and beauties of nature live in us. The flowers, trees, and bushes present itself with a soft beautiful light at the turn of dawn and birds sing as the sunrise opens up another beginning to our lives. As presented, both the animate and inanimate objects of nature offer new scenes like a film on the screen. Nature is, thus, an integral part of our lives and its beauty is indeed the greatest gifts of God to mankind. But even while we appreciate the blessings nature allotted us, we forget that we are devastating its treasures and consequently denying our future generation the same pleasure of enjoying nature in all its abundance and variety. With Avatar, James Cameron has delivered a fast-paced fantasy adventure that weaves together a bundle of powerful themes that are so crucial to the modern world that it extends beyond the fictional realm. Corporations exploiting and destroying natu...

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