Natural Liberty Over The State Of Nature By Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau books were a blueprint on how Rousseau wanted to know the reasons of why the people gave up their natural liberty over the state of nature. How the political standpoint became such an impact in people’s lives. One of the things he did state in his book that stuck out to me was that “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.” How I interrupted this quote, it’s basically saying that men are born free into this world on the account that with each law against the nature of things, that the men are shackled to the world with rules and regulations for him to follow or suffer the consequences of your actions. This is how he goes onto to talk about how the natural society is the family. Meaning the men of the family especially…show more content…
We have kind of falling off the beaten path for human cavillation and to keep the people within the rules of laws for human rights. Well, just look at the world falling apart as we speak. Trying to stay positive with the aspects of looking outward to the common good and what is best for the society. This book is just an outline for the people to guide themselves and not sell them short of their potentials as humans and this is how it was…show more content…
Another pro about the social contract that a person or people actions can be justified and a clear picture of the bond and relationship between the people having a voice and the government having the ear to listen to our pleas to some justifiable reasons to please the people. Take like how our court system is set up for example and being able to prove one is guilty of the crime with proof of reasonable doubt beyond the actions of the crimes that person is committed against a person without going against that person’s rights within the

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