Natural Law: Meaning And Order In Living A Good Life

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When following natural law, your life will have meaning and order, which will result in living a good life. Natural law is human beings participation in eternal law. Eternal law is laws set by God that governs the whole world. Everyone needs rules and law to follow so chaos does not break out. Humans should grow toward their natural end. Having meaning and order in your life will help you get to your natural end. Following natural law will provide consistency to your life and will make it easier to grow towards your natural end. When following natural law, you will understand the reason why you are living. Nature moves toward a predictable end. Trees are not going to turn into dogs one day and the ocean will not turn into a volcano. A puppy will always turn into a dog and leaves will always fall off the tree in the winter. Things are the way they are and will stay that way forever or die. Order is made in the mind of God. Everything on this earth has a certain way of living and nothing will change that. God made nature to have predictable ends so that life would have order. Having o...
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