Natural Gas:The bridge to a better future

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Natural Gas: The bridge to a better future “We consume 70% of our oil going from place to place and 30% of our greenhouse gases are generated in along doing so” (Gresham 16-17).Now of course, that statistic refers to the world, but it is mainly caused by America— the number one consumer of gasoline. Because necessary daily activities such as, traveling to work, school, home, etc., requires large amounts of gasoline, the American consumer depends immensely on this industry. This monopolized dependency affects the economy significantly becoming a substantial weight on society. There is nothing wrong with one product determining the state of the economy or dominating the lives of many, but there is a problem when that product is gradually destroying the world. The leading cause of climate change is from the CO2 emissions discharged by gasoline. The buildup of those emissions will eventually result in a slew of repercussions to the environment, such as animal extinction or intoxication of the population’s water, and huge disruptions in many happily accustomed American lifestyles. The U.S needs to beware of these changes and prepare for the future. Is America ready for this drastic and alarming transformation? Definitely not, but luckily, time is abundant. Gasoline has many negative effects on the environment and will yield various future problems. The CO2 emitted from gasoline is the central cause for the destruction of the ozone layer and the dispersal of poisonous toxins that are released into atmosphere. The ozone layer protects the earth from harmful ultraviolet light from the sun. Destruction of this layer causes heat to slowly melt the polar ice caps. A well-known author of the Sunday Times says that the caps are recurrentl... ... middle of paper ... ...our nation towards more efficient energy. To put it briefly, the bridge to a better future is simply natural gas. All that is needed now is to take action towards this direction. Works Cited Gresham, Robert M., "Is Natural Gas Green?." Tribology & Lubrication Technology 68.8 (2012): 16-17. OmniFile Full Text Select (H.W. Wilson).EBSCO Host. Web. 5 Dec. 2013. Leake, Jonathan. "Arctic is melting even in winter." Sunday Times, The n.d.: Newspaper Source. EBSCO Host Web. 1 Dec. 2013. Kakaee, Amir-Hasan, and Amin Paykani. "Research And Development Of Natural-Gas Fueled Engines Iran." Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 26.(2013): 805-821. Abstract. EBSCO Host. GreenFILE. Web. 5 Dec. 2013. Kirst, Marian Lyman. "The New Cartographers." High Country News 44.6 (2012): 5-6. Environment Complete. EBSCO Host. Web. 5 Dec. 2013.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that america is the number one consumer of gasoline in the world. this monopolized dependency affects the economy and society.
  • Opines that the u.s. needs to beware of climate change and prepare for the future.
  • Explains that the co2 emitted from gasoline is the central cause for the destruction of the ozone layer and dispersal of poisonous toxins that are released into atmosphere.
  • Explains that the harmful force of gasoline creates many negative effects on citizen's health and environment.
  • Opines that american's are expending gasoline to procrastinate a larger problem. gasoline emissions force climate change to swiftly progress throughout the world.
  • Argues that american's need to prepare for the future through extensive planning and coupling of renewable resources. natural gas is the umbrella solution to most of the pending difficulties.
  • Explains that natural gas, electric, wind and solar energy have some downfalls, but they will be impermanent.
  • Argues that electricity from wind and solar will cost more than gasoline, but if everyone shared the burdening prices over a few years, they would become miniscule.
  • Explains that natural gas, combined with other renewable resources, will benefit the environment, prepare the nation for the future, and progress the industry for channeling new energy.
  • Opines that natural gas would help us prepare for the inevitable future of fossil fuel depletion.
  • Opines that natural gas, solar, wind, and electric would be a healthier alternative to gasoline that would prepare the u.s.
  • Analyzes how the arctic is melting even in winter. kakaee, amir-hasan, and amin paykani.
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