Natural Gas

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The discovery of natural gas is not something new in fact it's older than what most think, it was discovered in 1626 by French explorers, but until 1785 people didn't know how to use it. Britain was the first to commercialize the use of natural gas; they used it to light firehouses and streetlights but this gas was produced by coal, in 1859, a former railroad conductor dug the first well, his name is Edwin Drake. The first specifically dug well to obtain natural gas was dug in Fredonia, New York by William Hart. Since then natural gas became one of the most reliable sources for energy and one of the most valuable resources as well. Its impact on economy is staggering; the natural gas industry contributed more than $380 billion to the U.S economy and it is responsible for more than 2.8 million American jobs, thus making the industry one of biggest industries in the world. Before the drilling begins, the first need to locate the natural gas, before the technological advancement people looking for natural gas deposits needed to travel all around the world looking for signs that there is natural gas in the area, but right now after the technological advancement things are a lot easier and more efficient than before, with ways to locate natural gas like geological surveys and seismic exploration. By studying the rock formation and locating what is called anticlinal slopes (anticlinal slopes are earth formation that folded in itself making a dome like shape) geologist can predict where the most likely place for natural gas formation is, but they still need more test for more accurate mapping, these test give them more information about quantity of the natural gas. Even though this way is efficient seismic exploration is the most effi... ... middle of paper ... ... liquefied natural gas tanker and transported all around the world, the largest liquefied natural gas carrier is the Q-Max type, the Q-Max have an storage capacity of 266,000 cubic meters and was built for Qatar Gas Transport Company in 2007, and delivered to the company in 2008. The economic impact of natural gas is rising and the price of extracting is decreasing with the enormous technological advancement. Works Cited Kurz, Rainer. "Natural Gas ." Mechanical Engineering 04 2011: 52. Merry, Glenn N. "Economics of Natural Gas ." Journal of Marketing (1986): 449. Natural Gas: a study in industry pioneering. american Gas Association, 1962. 2004. 19 november 2013. Tiratsoo, E. N. Natural Gas . Houston: Gulf Publishing coporation , 1979.

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