Natural Environment Training for Language

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Reflection Piece #14 Summary The topic for today’s readings was Natural Environment Training for Language. One of the readings, Putting It All Together, provided an informative description of how important is implementing ABA/VB within the natural environment during therapy sessions also the role that parents play in their child’s progress. It is recommendable for the parents to participate at least one hour of their daily child’s therapy sessions so they can see where the child's is in his overall functioning and figure out what types of items and activities the child considers reinforcing to then being able to teach their child throughout an entire day by applying error correction procedures and avoiding problem behaviors to be reinforced. The same reading described the process of starting therapy sessions together with intensive teaching sessions, which is a process consisting of four steps that will help the child to mastered the chosen targets. This intensive teaching session, such as VB session, includes mixing easy and hard items, mixing and varying operants, and fast-pace...
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