Natural Disasters: Earthquakes Part 2

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If a house collapses, not only does the place where a family live in is destroyed, but also the belongings and treasures that have been damaged through the collapse. It is important to also take family treasures into consideration when deciding to retrofit a house. Why would California care about raising earthquake awareness? First off, by putting more emphasis in retrofitting, more buildings will be able to stand up to earthquakes with a high magnitude such as the Loma Prieta earthquake. Secondly, having a warning system that might be able to tell us when an earthquake will occur happens before destruction, will give many families the opportunity to get out of their cars, put themselves under tables or out of harm’s way. For example, “If an earthquake early-warning system had existed back then, it could have provided perhaps a 20-second warning to the heart of the region. This is enough time to slow and stop trains, issue “go around” commands to airplanes on final approach and turn street lights red- preventing cars from entering hazardous structures such as bridges and tunnels. School children and office workers could get under desks before the shaking arrived. The region would be ready to ride out the violence to come” (Allen). With these types of warnings, which are quite similar to the ones that are broadcasted on television when a child is kidnapped, more people will be able to put themselves out of harm’s way. Not only should this work with televisions, but other devices as well, such as smart phones because of the vast majority of people who use them. Allen also mentions how workers in hazardous environments like construction places could move away to places that are safe with these alarm systems. Everyone would be read... ... middle of paper ... ... 44.2 (2012): 465-492. Academic Search Complete. Web. 17 May 2014. Haberman, Clyde. "Promises of Preparedness Followed Devastating Earthquakes. And Yet." The New York Times. The New York Times, 13 Apr. 2014. Web. 29 Apr. 2014. "Historic Earthquakes." Historic Earthquakes. Web. 17 May 2014. earthquakes/states/events/1989_10_18.php>. Nash, J. Madeleine. "A Fault Runs Through It." Time International (Canada Edition) 166.1 (2005): 20-21. Business Source Complete. Web. 16 May 2014. "Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country—Your Handbook for the San Francisco Bay Region." Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country—Your Handbook for the San Francisco Bay Region. Web. 17 May 2014. . "Ready To Rumble." Scientific American 304.4 (2011): 76-77. Academic Search Complete. Web. 16 May 2014.
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