Natural Disasters

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Natural disasters affect countries not only physically, but also economically. In this essay I’ll be discussing both the physical effect and economical effect of these disasters in both developing and developed countries. This essay will also show why I believe that these disasters are also more detrimental to developing countries than they are in developed countries. Natural disasters in developing countries occur more in the fashion of earthquakes, floods, but have little or no occurrences of tornadoes or hurricanes. However, these disasters affect the countries deeply. The effects of these disasters range from loss of life to damage of properties in excess quantities. This happens due to the lack of infrastructure needed for the detection of imminent disasters and the prevention or protection from them. A sizeable amount of the population has little or no knowledge on how these disasters occur, and the human effect. So, this leads to the increased rate of occurrence of natural disasters, resulting in more loss of lives, and properties. Aside from people losing lives, some others survive, but they become a displaced population, due to them being driven to abandon their homes and become refugees in other parts. These people, therefore having a higher chance of being infected with intense health complications. Due to these intense effects of the disasters, it reduces the affect the food cycle system, by destroying crops and reducing the agricultural supplies. As developing countries have a lower food supply, it could result in food scarcity. The economy of a developing country is relatively low; hence the term ‘developing’, but they remain a developing country due to the vast effect of these natural disasters in their country. Us... ... middle of paper ... ...displaced communities. Due to the reduction in the loss of life, the affected sectors, like agriculture, they could be easily recovered with the help of the volunteers, so recovery is hastened. The economic aspect to the calamity is rather exceptional, as the government has enough in the revenue stream for them to be able to help in the recovery of the affected city or areas. This therefore reduces, or sometimes, totally eradicates the long term effect of the disasters on the economy of the city or area. An example of a recently affected developed country is the United Kingdom. Two severe flood warnings remain in place on the Somerset Levels, which has been one of the worst-hit areas, with prolonged flooding since the severe weather began in December. There are 70 flood warnings, and nearly 120 less serious flood alerts, currently in place across England and Wales.
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