Natsun Automobile Company: A Case Study Of The Japanese Automobile Company

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Mr. Ranjit Mishra, President and Head, Logistics Department, along with his team was preparing aggressively for the deal to be held on first week of March. They have 3 days left for homework. Mr. Ranjit was under a lot pressure to make this deal a success story for Natsun, the Japanese automobile company which he joined a year before. Company wanted to sign an agreement for 5 years with American company “Brizen” which is leading supplier of automobile products across the world. They had shown their interest in supplying parts to Natsun also. The company wanted to get this agreement signed at any cost because of increasing competition in the automobile industry it became very difficult to have a reliable and long-term relationships with its suppliers.
As per the company’s requirement, Mr. Ranjit was trying to understand the Americans and their behaviour as negotiators. He had to lead the negotiation team at Natsun Automobile Limited for finalizing the deal with American team. The company had already lost such deals in past because of inexperience. But this time they are very concerned about all the arrangements and preparation to finalize the deal.

Japanese Automobile Industry
It is one of the Japan's economy core industrial sectors. It accounts for 13 % of its total manufacturing output and 10 % of employment. Japan is the hub of many leading automobile companies of the world like, Toyota Motor Corp., Honda, Nissan, Mazda Motor Corp., Isuzu Motors, Ltd., Suzuki Motor Corp., and Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd., and Daihatsu Motor Co.
Japan is the third leading manufacturer of motor vehicles after U.S. and EU. However, in recent years there has been slow down in automobile production in Japan. Apart from this, the industry has also...

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... use moderate amount of nonverbal communication. One can understand the interest of American counterpart by the help of their posture and conversation. They rely more on documentation. They are quick decision maker. Prefer to complete deals as soon as possible. They like to have certainty in final decision.
These differences have often leaded to failure of negotiation deals between these two parties and the same was happening with Natsun Automobile also. They lose many times in front of Americans and also because they were new to the industry.

Negotiation deal

They follow win-win negotiation strategy as they give importance to welfare of all the organizations involved.
Working team what went wrong in the earlier deals ? how ranjit has tackle this issue?

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