Native Son by Richard Wright

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Native Son

Native Son is a very popular book in our days. While reading it, the reader gets introduced to the social discrimination of the past. These times were not a long time ago: not 300, not 200 years ago, but in the 20th century - the century where most of us was born. While people considered America as "White People's Country." White people discriminated black people, calling them "Negroes", because many centuries ago, when European nation has visited America, they brought black people to the North America and used them as slaves. After the Independence of USA, the discrimination was "officially" stopped, but was not stopped among people. Black didn't have many rights, there even was the "line" between blacks and whites. The discrimination stopped not a long time ago - people of middle ages lived in times of discrimination. The Native Son is also popular nowadays, because it teaches us to respect everyone, black or white, because we are one nation and we must always be together.

At the beginning of this book reader meets Thomas family. Here we can see where and in which conditions black people lived those days. One of the first scenes show us that there was a rat - so can we imagine what house it was? There are no similar houses nowadays, and if there are - they are in a plan to be destroyed. Thomas family has no money for future, so Bigger's mom asks him to accept the job, offered by Mr. Dalton. Mr. Dalton is owner of the house the Thomas family lives in, and Bigger was chosen to work with Daltons, because of their [Thomas family's] bad conditions.

When Bigger goes out of the house, we read what he is thinking: he is thinking of being a pilot or other high man, but then he understands that this is impossible, because he is a "Negro." When he meets his friends, he mentions that he killed many times, because he needed money. But when they decided to rob Blum's office, Bigger starts to tremble, because Blum is a white man, and difference between robbing white and black man is that when he robs black man - he is innocent, but when he robs white - he will be in a jail for many years. Life of a black man didn't mean anything. This was the worst thing those times.

When he meets Ms.
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