Native Americans In Horatio Greenough's Rescue

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Native Americans have always been interpreted as “savage beast”. We are told the stories of the Europeans coming to America and their encounter with the Native by teachers, movies, and history books. When looking at the art of people “interpreting” the Native American the idea is still quite similar. Horatio Greenough work, Rescue, shows the common idea seen by most. In the image there is a Native American woman cradling her baby. Her focus is only on the child. Her body language suggest a protective nature; as if the child was almost harmed and had the thought of no seeing the child ever again. Greenough is saying that the Natives are extremely protective of their own kind. Center in the image is a struggle between two men. One of the men being White, while the other is Native America. The White male has subdue the Native in a restraint. The Native has an ax in one hand and the other is covered in cloth. He is wear minimal clothing, while the White male is fully clothed. The idea that I’m getting from Horatio’s work is that the Native American male had intentions on hurting the Native America woman and child. That is what the ax was for. The White …show more content…

Spacing incorporates the sizes of objects and placing. This image gives us three focal points. Each one is presented at a different level than the next. The center focus point has the Native partially down on one knee, looking up at the other man. The male hold the Native is larger than all the other figures. It almost seems like there is no struggle on his part. The woman to the left is crouching down; making herself look smaller. The way Greenough set this piece up was to show his view of strength. The figure with the most strength would be the male holding the Native. The male Native is show as small and lacking muscles, which shows that Horatio thinks they are weaker. The woman is portrayed as weak and scared; most likely reflecting

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  • Opines that native americans have always been interpreted as a "savage beast". horatio greenough's rescue shows the common idea seen by most.
  • Analyzes how greenough's image depicts a native american woman cradling her baby, whose focus is on the child. her body language suggests that the natives are protective of their own kind.
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