Native Americans Are Becoming A Problem With The Modern World

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During the course of American history, there have been many influences on these debatable topics. Is there a problem with Native Americans living in the modern world? Is there a relationship between slavery and racism; and how has slavery been throughout American history? Should we label Christopher Columbus as a hero or tyrant and continue to celebrate Columbus Day? Lastly, how is puritanism being viewed in the United States? All of these ideas have become controversy in American history. Will these events remain the same or be viewed differently? The Native Americans were once a proud and power race but now they are become discriminated upon. As the united states continue expand and improve in technology; it pretty much left the Indians uncivilized and barbaric. Eventually it was either side with America or fight back; but in the end the Natives Americans were defeated. I agree that due to the past, Native Americans are becoming a problem with adapting with the modern world. Public health is a concerning issues that Native Americans are dealing with. Native Americans are dying of diabetes, alcoholism, tuberculosis, suicide, and other health conditions at shocking rates. Native communities are often impoverished and jobless. Natives are being discriminated upon and example of this would be in sports; it been acknowledge as stereotyping. Their lack of education is failing. Lastly, there culture is dying. Due to America past history with the Native Americans; The Natives have been driven to a point where they could die out any moment. I believe that the only way to save them is to embrace the modern day way of life. Sure that “the indianness was extracted as set of virtues: honor: stoicism, dignity, and Freedom” (lecture handout)... ... middle of paper ... ...die on a given date, in a certain way, there was nothing anyone could do to change God’s plan. The Puritans believed that the universe was entirely pre-planned. They also believed in unconditional election, which means that God chose who would be saved and welcomed into heaven. However, if an individual did not follow the Puritan moral code of behavior, he or she would most certainly be damned. Hence there was no choice but to follow the strict Puritan ideals. In conclusion, all of these ideas have affected America history. As of today the way all of these ideas are being discussed are being misleading. All of these topics have been important factors that help create America to what it is today. Looking at in now America seems to have had a pretty violent past. Yet, America is barley doing anything to stop it. It will be interesting to know what the future holds.
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