Native Americans And The New World

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When the English colonists came to America they were looking for a way to gain wealth and prosperity. The hope of land brought freedom and hope for the future. “The image of the new world as a unique place of opportunity, where the English laboring class could regain economic independence by acquiring land.” But at what cost did this vision come into reality? For Native Americans as well as slaves brought from Africa the new world became an oppressive cycle of abuse and violence that took hundreds of years to end. It also brought power and wealth to the colonists and to people in England. Native American life changed drastically with the arrival of the English colonists. Before the colonists arrived the Native Americans had a vast and complex civilization. In New England alone the Algonquians had an extensive. The villages were populated with thousands of people. They had established trade, and a language system between the tribes and led generally peaceful lives. They lived off the land, but they did not claim it as their own, which would be one of the reasons they would be disti...
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