Native Americans And Native American Culture

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The use of Native Americans as mascots or team names has developed an issue that has been drawing controversy in today’s society. The question that must be asked then is: Why do we as a society quietly permit such disrespectful and hurtful conduct towards Native Americans continue, without taking any affirmative action to restrict it? Having people who run around in war paint and headdresses whooping it up at the sport games doesn’t honor anyone’s culture. It just praises racism and encourages people to learn nothing about Native American culture making mascots and team names insulting. It is surprising to know that there are people who are completely fine with this incredibly racist act, but there are also those who are against it and who are trying to make a difference. “As a community, we were very hopeful that this incredibly racist practice would be discontinued.” (Ulmer, 2012) Not only do Native Americans get offended by this but communities, cities, countries and maybe even states get offended and feel like they are part of this issue and try their best to make a change. Spor...
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