Native Americans And American Indians

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Native Americans, sometimes referred to as American Indians, have continually faced hardships. Native Americans history is Often overlooked and misunderstood which can lead to stereotyping or discrimination They have fought for many years to be accepted and given their rights to continuities practicing the beliefs that were practiced long before the Europeans came upon the Americas long ago. Throughout history, Native Americans have been presented with many obstacles and even now they continue to fight to over these hardships. hey still are continuing to fight to overcome their hardships. The history of Native Americans is often overlooked or just simplified. Native Americans are sometimes referred to as “American Indians,” This term is defined by the indigenous people that lived on the land that is now known as the United States. These people lived for many years on this land, they formed tribes, hunted, and prospered very well until the Europeans arrived and changed things. At first a majority of the interaction between the Natives and the Europeans were peaceful trading, but as time went on and more Europeans continued settling in North American, the Native people were starting to suffer. Natives were beginning to be forced of the land that they had made their homes, if they resisted they were killed. From the 13 Colonies to becoming the United States, the government didn’t show support to the people that lived on the land that were there long before them. On May 26, 1830, the United States Congress passed the Indian Removal Act, which President Andrew Jackson approved and signed. According to The Library of Congress, this allowed the President to grant unsettled lands west of the Mississippi River to Indians in exchange for t... ... middle of paper ... of security using dogs and pepper spray on protesters (Larson, 2016). Since then the protests have greatly increased and have received more national TV coverage such as appearing on the national news and the Daily Show (Larson, 2016). This just shows that Native Americans are still fighting for their culture to this day, and will continue fighting until they receive justice. For hundreds, even thousands of years Native Americans have lived on the land that we now call the United States. They once lived happily with their tribes until they were forced to pack up and move around while being treated very poorly as the Europeans began claiming their land for their own. Eventually Natives gained citizenship and the rights of everyone else in the nation. However they still continue to face many hardships even to this day in which they will keep fighting to overcome.
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