Native American Spirituality And Spirituality

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Native American Spirituality Indigenous people around the world have been affected by colonization, Christianization, and the advancement of technologies and development more than any other group. This has caused untold harm as Native peoples have suffered staggering rates of poverty, violence, and suicide. The Native people have not given up. Many indigenous people from tribes around the world are standing up and saying “no more”. They are reclaiming their heritage, their language, traditions, and spirituality and sharing it with the world to encourage a healthier, more balanced way of being. To understand where Native American spirituality is today, it helps to understand the history of what these groups of indigenous people have gone through.…show more content…
These Indigenous people realized that the only way to heal the poverty, dysfunction, addiction, and violence that has plagued them since the ‘assimilation’ efforts was to turn back to their traditional spiritual practices and teach them to the young people (Robbins). Often, the return to Native traditions has meant taking on environmental concerns, opposing development activities, and becoming politically active to protect the nature that is so closely tied to indigenous spiritual practices. This is what makes indigenous spirituality different and hard to define and protect, it is closely tied to the land and environment, which is very different from religion (Fisher). The United Nations defines the situation perfectly in “The State of the World’s Indigenous People: Chapter 2”: “…spirituality defines the relationships of indigenous peoples with their environment as custodians of the land; it helps construct social relationships, gives meaning, purpose and hope to life.” (Kipuri,…show more content…
In this day of globalization and social media, this has meant that these Native groups are reaching out to the world for support and to educate our political leaders and the populace about environmental concerns. This has resulted in a better understanding of Native spirituality. Groups such as the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers (, Idle No More (, The Nibi Walk project (, The First Peoples Worldwide (, and numerous other groups have been created to promote environmental projects, sway political processes, and share the beliefs about why these things are important to Native
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