Native American Slaveholders

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Slavery had different forms in space and time. The Native Americans had slavery before Europeans came to America. However when Europeans come Native American cultures need to adapt to their influences. In this essay I will discuss how Native American cultures adapted to European influences by examining the enslavement of African Americans.
For Native Americans slavery was “a legitimate fate for captives of war”. They used captives as forced laborers . Sometimes they could exchange slaves, but never participated in slave market. They were indifferent to the racial differences when they enslaved people. Usually they did not practice life-long slavery. Children did not inherit the slave status. They were treated as part of the Native American tribe. Europeans fundamentally changed the way Native Americans treat slaves. The phenotype, being the “other” was introduced as the main basis of treating somebody like slave. The introduction of the racial quality to the slavery was the resolution to the problem of Native Americans who need to invent new ways of treating their enemies. Also if the person is born to a slave, then he or she inherits the status of slave. Native Americans started trading their slaves instead of integration to their society. Some Native Americans start making profit out of returning runaway slaves to plantations. Furthermore, Indians adopted the plantation model. Most Cherokees believed that it is the best thing to adopt some feautures of European Civilization, such as slavery . However, the scope of slaveholding practices by Native Americans is beyond compare to the practices of Europeans.
One of the reasons for evolvement of slaveholding by Native Americans was Europeans strategy. They did not want Indians and Africans to be allies. This is because if such alliance took place whites would have been a minority and they would have significantly lost control over ever growing slave population. Americans manipulate Indians to be against Afro-Americans showing them European lifestyle and providing them guns and alcohol. They also use Africans to who are bilingual to influence Native Americans. Africans promote “missionary work and acculturation process”. The Native Americans started to depend on manufactured goods that Europeans offered them. Obviously, they needed funds to support themselves.
Native Americans used to get most of their profit from deerskin trade. However it became unprofitable.
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