Native American Literature In 'Skuny-Wundy And The Stone Giant'

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Throughout history, literature has been inspired from the culture of the time while staying true to the literary devices used in classical novels. Native Americans also used literary devices without knowledge of European usage across the Atlantic. In their literature, the Huron tribe demonstrated the use of the literary devices analogies and exaggeration while also being influenced by their culture and society. In both the standard creation myth of the Huron natives and the story of “Skunny-Wundy and the Stone Giant[b][c]” there were influences from the Iroquois tribes, who shared a similar language (Redish and Orrin, “Wyandot/Huron Language”). The Iroquois creation myth is very similar to the Huron as a result. Literature from the Huron tribe featured analogies just like most Native American literature. The Huron tribe’s “Skunny-Wundy and the Stone Giant” legend was no exception. The story described Skunny-Wundy as being “quick as a fox” and used other analogies which described the stone giant roaring “loud as a hurricane” {do I need to site the website where I found the story here?}. The Huron tribe used this literary device to explain the story better and to provide a sense of…show more content…
Adjacent Iroquois tribes, such as the Mohawk natives, shared a very similar creation myth (Redish and Orrin, “Native American Legends”). The cultures of both tribes influenced each other, and as a result, the myths became closely related. The Huron creation myth is heavily based on the culture at the time. The myth mentions beans, corn, and pumpkins being planted on the turtle. The Huron culture often depended on beans, corn, and squash for survival (Redish and Orrin, “Wyandot Indian Fact Sheet”). These were the essential plants on which the culture depended. The Huron tribe was thankful for these life-giving plants and showed this in their myth by stating that they came from a divine

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