Native American Creations: The Myth Of The Earth Divers

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The myth of the Earth Divers is a part of Native North American tribe depicting the creation of earth by animals. It is believed that before the existence of earth there were sky people who lived beyond the sky. One day, chief’s daughter became and ill and to cure her illness the sky people digs up the tree and lay her besides the hole. The tree fell down in the hole and drags the chief’s daughter with it. As the girl falls, she saw only water beneath her. The swan captures the falling girl and landed her on the back of the great turtle. Following, different animals dives into the body of water as ordered by the great turtle to bring back the earth from the fallen tree, but they died. Eventually, a toad brings earth and spit it on the back of the turtle. The swan sets the woman upon the…show more content…
The creation myth justifies the creation of world out of nothingness. We as human reveals information about our values, customs, and culture through our roots. Likewise, the creation myth establishes our reason for being and gives us a better understanding of our existence and significance in the world. Although the stories of creation vary through cultures, it is fascinating to discover our origin from the beginning. For instance, the Big Bang theory explaining the origin of universe from the interaction of infinitely small particle know as quarks. Archetype is a set of pattern that is similar and inherited by all human beings throughout the history. Archetype exhibits same pattern regardless of time period in the history. While, a hero is born during dark times to maintain the world order and overcome the evil power for the welfare of being. A hero can have different characteristics as a hero is born to resolve specific world problems. Therefore, a hero does not exhibit similar pattern as an archetype does. I believe that a trickster can be an archetype. Example, Coyote in Native American
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