National Socialism

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Almost exactly eighty-one years ago, Adolf Hitler became the chancellor of Germany. After January third, nineteen thirty-three, nothing was the same in Germany or any other country in this world. The question people ask themselves is how can somebody like this get to the power? Nazism or National Socialism is an extreme right ideology, which was present in the nineteen thirty’s until the end of World War II in Germany. Nazism could be defined as a form of fascism, but it also characterized by strong anti-Semitism and racism. Adolf Hitler is seen as the leader of National Socialism that was present in Germany in the twentieth century as he was the Reichskanzler (chancellor). Nazism, with Adolf Hitler as its leader, is a social movement changing previous values, beliefs, roles and statuses into anti-Semitism, anticommunism, belief in the superiority of the Aryan race, extreme nationalism and racial purity, with a negative influence in society.
After World War I, the German Worker Party (NSDAP/Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) was formed with Hitler as its head. This party was fixed on Nationalism and followed Socialism as it refused the ideas of democracy and Marxism. Additionally, the NSDAP, while following National Socialism, also had a very anti-Semitic, anticommunist and racist ideology, which led to the genocide of Jews and other immigrants. The NSDAP used a lot of propaganda, trying to get people to vote for them. Themes of the propaganda were racism, capturing more land in the west and to make a more strongly nationalized Germany. The German Worker Party promised to give people jobs and try to make Germany a new and bounded nation again. During this time, Germans were desperate, because there was no money,...

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...of the ideology of National Socialism was the role and status of women. Women were expected to be ‘Mothers’: stay home, not work, be the housekeeper and still care for the children’s education. Women were supposed to be trustful, faithful, caring, willing to sacrifice, passible, selflessness and perform her duty, too. During the time of Nazism in Germany, women were not allowed to take jobs in political and government position. The only work women were allowed to do, was farming in some ways, but without a lot of power and some teaching positions as well as nursing. To serve the ethnic community, women were assigned to get a lot of children, in order to spread the Aryan race. In return, the husband takes care of food and fights against enemies. On Mother’s day, mothers with at least five children were given a medal to show the respect and value their performance.

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