National Security- Societal Protection Versus Privacy

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National security has been compromised time and time again. Things such as the world trade centers being attacked in 2001 and the Oklahoma centre bombing in 1994 has caused governments to take steps in the making sure that such events would never happen again. Yet the steps taken to prevent these tragic events from happening has started to bring many uproars in community’s, with complaints about breaches in their own personal files, folders, messages, and emails. But without these breaches of personal privacy governments would not be able to truthfully claim that they are confident to say that there country is safe to sleep another night, thus providing a sense of security amongst there population. In addition without these precautionary measures, many lives could be lost and many more hurt. Finally, it has been said that the good of the whole is more important than the good of the individual, therefore stating that the protection of the population of an entire country is much more important than somebody’s email. It is because of these reasons that the state of social security in a country is much more important than the privacy of ones files and folders.

Since the beginning of 2001 national security has been forever improving itself in order to provide a better and more efficient type of security. Governments have created and issued protocols such as additional baggage checks while on voyage and mood reading camera’s to determine whether or not someone is in a good mood, bad mood, or dangerous type of mood. It is these improvements in our security that has allowed the government to determine threats faster, thus being able to provide a counter resistance to the threat in a much faster pace and these improvements have even a...

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... than the good of one person. Meaning that people should not complain about the government accessing there private information. They rather should be thanking there country for providing them with there feelings of safety and comfort in there own homes and on the streets.

Finally, it is because of these precautions and intrusions of our privacy that allow us to live the day to day lives we live. Without this set rules and regulations we as a whole would not be able to function due to fear of “what could happen next?”. Whether it be a person’s personal phone message, or lovers email, these trivial things should not matter, especially in such a circumstance. Because it is much more important that in today’s society people feel safe and secure rather than afraid or in danger, or else we would be facing an insurmountable societal conflict.

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