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National Identification Card Abstract After the September 11th attack on America, our nation was running from being brave to becoming part of a panic society. Therefore our government has brought up the issue of having a National Identification System that has a National ID Card. So they can detect who’s legal and who’s not, and hopefully can prevent future terrorist attacks on America. Sounds like a good idea, but behind the curtain there exist another story even more dreadful than the attack. When the issue was brought up people around the nation’s people have split into many sections. Those range form people who support that it could cut crimes to those who believe that it would end some of our freedom.1 [l1] The issue of nation ID card has been implement in some countries around the world. Comparing those countries with the United States, it seems like there is a big difference between the people and the economy. Having such a system will probably ruin what we have now like privacy, rights, and possible being force into a communist country. National ID card The attack on the World Trade Center on September 11th struck us hard, both physically and emotionally. We as a nation held back and keep our hearts high for soon one day we will forget what has happened and hope that one day we can look back upon this tragedy as a mistake of our carelessness. Today we look upon what we can do to improve and repair our mistakes that once had a big impact on our nation. Our nation’s government has proposed a system to detect such terrorist from entering the country and to help to stop future attacks that would arise in the hereby future. The government had an idea that if we were to carry around such an item that... ... middle of paper ... ...tion”. 2. “Identity Cards – Frequently Asked Questions” 24 August 1996. 3. Anton, Annie I. “National Identification Cards” December 17, 1996 4. “National Identification Cards” 5. Miller, John J & Moore, Stephen “ Policy Analysis – A National ID System Big Brother’s Solution to Illegal Immigration.” 6. Brogan, Benedict. “ID cards’ would not stop the terrorists’ “. 7.$315?mode=topic&y=2002&m=3&d=6 8.$400?mode=topic&y=2002&m=3&d=6

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