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In this day and age, less than 2% of people in the United States are involved in the production of food for the remaining 98% of citizens in the country. Among discussions occurring in the 2%, one common topic is a lack of education about agriculture in the general public. Prior to high school, I am ashamed to admit, but I was one of the people who would have answered that my milk came from a grocery store. As a project one year, I went to the grocery store and interviewed shoppers as to their knowledge about agriculture. Many of them had a similar belief as I once had, food starts at the grocery store. Upon my entrance into high school, I quickly became involved in the National FFA Organization. Many of my family members gave me crazy looks for having an interest in agriculture, or what they only saw as farming. It was through my involvement in the FFA and high school agriculture courses that I was able to discover my passion for educating others about agriculture. Prior to high school, I had aspirations of becoming a veterinarian. To help further myself, I made the decision to attend the Animal and Botanical Sciences Academy at Freehold Township High School. This required me to leave the friends that I had made in my hometown in order to take specialty classes that I was interested in. When I entered Freehold Township High School I only knew one other student and was very intimidated in the new environment. It was in the agriculture class that I was able to find my place and make friends because of my agriculture teachers and FFA advisors. By entering the academy I joined the National FFA Organization, a youth run organization that promotes premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education. ... ... middle of paper ... ...ucation. During my freshman and sophomore year when I went to register for the course it was listed as meeting 5 days a week. Because of my commitment to the New Jersey FFA Association I had to have at least one day free a week which prevented me from enrolling in the course. For the upcoming spring semester I am currently enrolled in the course and plan to work hard in order to receive an A in the course. The prospect of the next ten years of my life is hectic yet worth every moment. I hope to be able to continue with Rutgers University in my education as it is my family’s alma mater and it is important to me to continue the tradition. Despite stumbles along the path, I trust that the triumphs will show my dedication and ambition for educating others about agriculture. I hope to develop young leaders with a passion in agriculture to help feed an ever growing world.

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