Nat Turner Influence

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Nat Turner was an ordinary slave at the start of his youth, who had later in life accomplished very influential feats for other slaves to want to follow. He was the leader of the greatest slave rebellion in the history of the United States. Nat Turner was a slave that had many masters throughout his life. He had an immense amount of knowledge for being slave. This had helped him lead the biggest and most successful slave rebellion ever to be witnessed in the history of the United States. He was known as a prophet of God that was sent down to stop slavery. His story was heard by slaves all over the south that had started to agree with Turner and rebel against their masters themselves. Starting a rebellion at this time was even considered extremely difficult; to cause a rebellion of this scale was viewed as impossible. At this time abolitionists had started to widely emerge in the north. They had started an abolitionist party and as the African Americans came to this knowledge they had also begun to question more frequently why they weren’t free. The reason why an ordinary slave such as Nat Turner was able to form a slave rebellion in the south is because of his educational background and his religious influence he had over other slaves.
For being a slave, Nat Turner had been a great leader in the eyes of other slaves and was looked as if he was a higher power than the rest of the slaves. This could be because of his high education that he had received from his masters. “His master, Benjamin Turner, owned a plantation in Southampton County, Virginia and was a kind and benevolent man. His slaves enjoyed considerable freedom, and Turner led a somewhat privileged life on the plantation, receiving a rudimentary education and playing wi...

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...’t think what happened if he failed because he believed he would be the one to stop slavery. That was his downfall because for that he did not make a strategy where if he had lost he could pick himself back up.
Even though Turner’s rebellion had failed that does not mean that he had failed in stopping slavery. His rebellion had caused great fear in slavery and its power. “The Virginia legislature even discussed the possibility of gradually eliminating slavery after Turner's Rebellion, many of them believing that the institution of slavery was not worth living in fear of being murdered in their beds.” (ABC-Clio) Turner had put enough fear into the south that they had discussed ending slavery overall. Even though that did not happen he did make other slaves know of his revolt. This had influenced slaves to stand up against their own masters or run away from them.
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