Nashville Gone To Ashes Analysis

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At some point in everybody’s life they feel the sorrow and anguish of losing somebody. The the stories “Nashville Gone to Ashes” and “When It’s Human Instead of When It’s Dog”, both a widow and widower are not able to move on with their life after the loss of their loved one. In both cases the mister and the widow both come to the conclusion that their significant other is not coming back leading them to find ways to cope with their deaths, move on and function the best they can with their lives. In the book “Nashville Gone to Ashes”, a woman is left a widow after her husband pass away. Along with grief the widow is not able to move on with her life because she feels as if her husband loved the dogs more than he did her. On many occasions…show more content…
For example, one of their dogs, Boris, was able to push Flea around in his wheelchair. The widow asked how Flea had taught him to do that and he claimed “ I didn’t” (27). She felt very unhappy about this because it was her job as the wife to take care of her husband. She felt as if the dogs had taken over the role of caregiver and she was not happy about it at all. Another reason why felt as if she was competing with dogs was because after Flea had his stroke, his favorite dog, Nashville, did shortly after. The widow was thrown off by this. She felt like the dogs loved her husband more than he she claimed “I felt upstaged by the dog, will you just listen to me!” (30). She was not able to grasp that her husband loved her just as much as the dogs. So she went on trying to find her reason to live. A little later on she was at her house and it was her and her husband’s anniversary. Flowers were delivered to her. When she went to read who the card was from she almost passes out. The flowers were sent by her husband, but he was dead. She called the florist in disbelief and they told her that “Flea had “Love insurance”’ (31). This was for people who tend to forget something easily such as anniversaries for birthdays. The widow did not know how to feel about receiving the roses. She claimed that it had her a little “spooked” (31). So she ended up going for a…show more content…
Hantono was making dinner for the Mister when she recalled a stain she wanted to remove. She called a bunch of the other maid and her friends to get advice on how to remove the stain. But along with the advice came the rumors. A lot of the people she called told her that the rumors were that the Mister had murdered his wife. Mr. Hantono did not pay mind to the remarks until on of the maids suggested that she try lemon juice. The acid from the lemon juice made a white outline around the stain and gave it the appearance of a chalk outline from a crime scene. She looked up to see the mister looking at the stain and they both were think in the same thing. Later on that night, after her shift Mrs. Hantono went to collect her money. It was laying on the table where it always was. She was paid 40 dollars. But when she went to take the money she left 5 dollars. “In it place she leaves a five-dollar bill from her purse because she still could not get the stain out” (105). This symbolizes that Mrs. Hantono does not care about the rumors. She understand that she is the only person that the Mister has any contact with other than the people he works with. He is moving on with his life through her. She is the reason why he still has a reason to

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