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Carlton Sims Tony Girod Academy World Literature May 20, 2014 Narwhals are toothed whales that are primarily located in the arctic. The protruding tusk located in the front of the narwhal is often mistaken for a horn but, it is actually a canine tooth. Excluding the tusk both genders of narwhals can grow anywhere between 8-13 feet in length. The narwhal can also weigh up to almost 2 tons. Narwhals are mammals just like any other whale, but Narwhal's don't have dorsal fins on their back and their neck vertebrate is fused unlike most whales. Narwhals are an odd type of mammal as they are whales. Most whales don't have a protruding canine tooth. The narwhals taxonomy consists of: Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Mammalia, Order Cetacea, Family Monodontidae, Genus Monodon, and Species Monodon monoceros. Narwhals are mainly white, while on the back there are white, green and brown speckles all over the back. These speckles are for counter shading so it is camouflaged from a topside and bottom side view. Narwhals are primarily found in colder waters such as the Canadian Arctic and the Greenlandic waters. Narwhals have specific diets that varies from season to season. In the winter narwhals feed on animals and prey located on the ocean bottom. In the summer narwhals eat fish such as Arctic cod and halibut. Narwhals migrate from cold Arctic bays in the summer to open ocean waters located in the Arctic Ocean in the winter. Narwhals can dive up to 4,900 feet in the winter and are capable for holding their breath for up to 25 feet. Narwhals can live up to fifty years old. The main reason for their death is not natural. In the winter when the ice freezes over the water, it causes Narwhals to suffocate from lack of oxygen. Another... ... middle of paper ... ... it besides the unicorn, if it existed. The narwhal is an amazing animal needs to be conserved. There are many different companies that help conserve this species but they are still being hunted by Inuits for their ivory tusks. There isn't a lot to do to help because most people don't live in the arctic. Even if the tusk is removed a narwhal, the tusk is needed for narwhals to mate. It is used to show rivals that they are better for their mate. Sometimes females use their tusks but not as often as males do. You can donate to these conservation companies to help. Narwhal tusks are worth a lot today, but are highly illegal to own. One instance where a New Brunswick man smuggled narwhal tusks and was arrested. This man was fined $385,000 for doing so. Narwhals are really awesome animals and don't deserve to go extinct. Please protect the narwhals living in the Arctic.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that narwhals can live up to fifty years old. the main reason for their death is not natural.
  • Explains that there are many myths about narwhals in legend and literature in art.
  • Opines that the narwhal is an amazing animal and needs to be conserved. the tusk is used to show rivals that they are better for their mate.
  • Explains that narwhals are toothed whales that are primarily located in the arctic. the protruding tusk is a canine tooth.
  • Explains that narwhals move in herds called pods and communicate with clicks, squeals, and trills. they migrate seasonally and prefer different areas per season.
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