Narrative Essay On The ACT

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Narrative Essay Since I was in middle school I always was on honor roll, and I would dream about going to college. Once I got to my senior year of high school my dreams were starting to become my worst nightmare. I always thought that my final year of high school was supposed to be fun and enjoy the last few months I had left with friends until we graduate. During my final year of high school it was not fun and dandy like the High School Musical movies. I endured trauma of taking the ACT nine times and almost not being accepted into college. The ACT is used to determine the strengths and weakness of the student entering college for the first time. Scoring a twenty or above on the ACT would get me a better chance of being accepted into college.…show more content…
My test instructor Ms. Brooks began to pass out the test booklet and answer key. The time had finally came for me to open my test booklets and begin the test. I felt like I wanted to throw up because I was so nervous and I did not know what to expect about the test, even though I felt well prepared for the ACT. The testing room was very hot and I barely could breathe in there so that really made taking the test even harder. After finishing the math and science sections of the test I got a fifteen minute break to refresh my brains, go to the bathroom, and get water. After taking just two section of the test I was very fatigued, hungry, and I was ready to go home to take a long three hour nap. During the Reading part of the test was very long and boring I felt very antsy to just finish the rest of the test. The science part of the test was very hard and I did not understand none of graphs and questions they were asking on the test. In my mind I was telling myself I can finish the rest of the test strong. Forty minutes was finally over and I complete the ACT test and it was time to go home and eat lunch. In my mind I felt confident that I scored high on my test and could not wait to get my test scores back. After five weeks waiting to get my test scores back, they finally came in and I did not score well at all. After taking this test for the 1st time I prepared myself to take the test again, which turned out to be eight more times. During my senior year all my classmates were excited about graduating in May and going to college. I was not too excited about graduating because I still did not have the ACT score or acceptance letter to college. Throughout the rest of my senior year I took the ACT every month it was offered. My score after each time I took it decreased by two points every time I took the test. I was starting to lose hope. I never lost faith that God had a plan for me to
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