Narrative Essay On Raising A Child

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Raised by my two parents with my mother being the sole caregiver and disciplinary parent. I had a completely different outlook on how I would raise my children when I became a parent. After having my own child, I found out very early on that raising children doesn’t always go as you once planned it would. I often catch myself doing the very same things that my mother once did when raising her children. For instance, I always thought I would never let my child eat junk food or canned foods like we did, but I often let my son eat the very same thing my siblings and I did growing up. I also remember repeating more than once that I would never lose my patience with my children. Although I wish I wouldn’t do that, it is almost impossible not to…show more content…
I deal with anything for school and sports with my child. My husband and I both deal with punishing my son. I am very understanding when it comes to my son’s grade if I know he tried to do his best. It is a rule at home that homework must be done before you are allowed to watch television, play outside, or do anything else. I also sit with my son and make it a point to do his homework with him, even if he knows how to do it. For no reason is my son allowed to miss school unless he is sick. Sometimes I make exceptions the last week of school since their grades has been turned in and there is…show more content…
Most parents change a lot on how they parent by the time they get to their last child, as my mom did. Out of all of my siblings, I had it the hardest. I was not allowed to do nearly as much as my older siblings could do when they were growing up. I am sure that I will do the same thing by the time I have my second or third child. Although your parents may have raised you a different way then what you’re doing with your children doesn’t mean they did things wrong, maybe you just have a different way of doing things. After all the only thing that really matters is that you tried your best and your children are loved and well taken care

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