Narrative Essay On A Haunted House

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One day some kids were walking around and decided to go to a haunted house. As the kids enter the house the door slam shut they all jump them make there way around the place. The curtains are all tore up and dust is everywhere. One friend start telling the story about the women that lived there.
They say she lived there alone with her husband. One day her husband had to go away for a while, he left but before he did he got her a dog to remember him. A year goes by she takes care of the dog and it has gotten older. One day her husband comes back but he is different then when he left. A month goes by and things are trouble her husband decides to leave her with no reason why. She cries and begs him to come back but he just keeps walking away.
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When the door shut the girls looks back they continue following her friends. The arrival at a room and they walking and notice a rope hanging from the ceiling. One goes over and pull it and it falls all of a sudden the door slams shut and one of the friends is grabbed by the neck and throw across the room they scream and try to get out as a girl checks on the other. “we shouldn't have came here!” she yells at the on friend “I'm sorry I thought it would be fun just help us get the door open” she says as her and the other girl try opening the door. She gets back to the girl “Amy are you ok?” she nods “yes my head just hurt” she say “Mia and Amy come help” says the girl named ruby. They get up to help “what if we can get out” Sara says “just shut up and keep trying” Ruby says. They continue pushing at the door and it finally opens they quickly try to find their way out but everything in the house…show more content…
They all turn and look around “SARA” they scream looking for her. After while “we have to leave her” “what the heck! Rudy We're not leaving her here along” Mia says “so we're all going to die because you wanna be a hero?” she ask “no she's our friend and we're not leaving her here” she say and her and Amy go to find her as Ruby runs off to get out the house. After while they find her “Sara what are you doing?” she curls up crying “what if we can't get out? What if we die!” she yells “Sara calm down” she pulls her into a hug “we're going to get out I promise” she nods “OK let's go” they get up and start to find a way out. Meanwhile, “Oh My God! It's like I'm going in circles” she says looking around she sees a shadow “who's there?” she say walking closer “if that's you Sara trying to scary me it isn't funny” the person comes around the corner slowly with her head down “who are you?” she backs up “do you believe in true love?” the girl says lifting her her slowly. She has makeup running down her eyes like she was crying and a red line on her neck with a heartbroken look on her face “Do you?” she says walking Closer. Ruby stumble back “N-no please