Narrative Essay: My Worst Experience As A Teenagers

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My worst experience as a teenager was my parents’ divorce. As a new teenager I didn’t think that my worries would go any further than being rejected by my crush, Boy was I wrong. It wasn’t hard for me for traditional reasons. It was hard on me because as a teenager I couldn’t understand why my dad was hitting my mom or why she stayed. But when the separation and divorce were put in action. I found out exactly why. For years I was never able to grasp why we woke up at 3 am. Mom had backpacks for me and my mother. And we were running down the street like our life depended on it. Little did I know it did? My father was and still is a lunatic but as daddy’s little girl I never saw that side of him. We went to a battered women’s shelter. And soon reality started to hit me that my whole life was kind of a lie. When they divorced I wanted to mad at him. I wanted him to pay for what he did to my mother but I couldn’t. I…show more content…
She wasn’t as upbeat and friendly. She was so secretive about everything we did outside of the house. Like she would tell my father she was taking us to school and we’d just go to the park and run free. Then one day we were just getting home from school. As soon as we got in the door he knocked her to the ground and from there it just got worse. Unbeknownst to my brother and I grand ma had been then glue hold this horrible charade together. This had been happening for years but I guess it was easier for him to beat on hear in front of us than it was our grandmother. It was daily thing. It was our routine; Get up go to school, come home, do homework, mom and dad fight, go to bed. Wake up and repeat. May 24, 2007 last day of school. It was a normal day for our household, Mom got us up and ready for school. Later that day after school we had dinner and went to bed as usual. I went to sleep not knowing that in less than an hour I would be running for my life.
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