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Despite my being able to speak English since a very young age, English classes have not always been a strong point in my life. The progression from just getting started writing, spelling, and reading to being able to compose short stories and news articles have been a somewhat painful experience for me. It was not interesting, but then I found a better way, which leads to me being able to tell everyone else’s stories for them. I never thought that I would be able to write well enough for people to want to read my work. It all started in grade school, a young boy barely able to tie his own shoe, I was now faced with having to write words on paper. It started fairly easy, the teacher would hand out a piece of paper with some dotted lines on it to everyone, and shortly after write a few words on the board. My job was to write those words, over and over again, as closely to the way that she wrote them as I could. While the task wasn’t hard, I grew bored of it extremely quickly, I would rather be outside playing, or learning about animals and other cool things. Even worse, the type of writing wasn’t normal, all of the…show more content…
If I had a question about something that mom or dad didn’t know the answer to, that box could provide the answers. If I wanted to tell the world my story, that box provided a way to do so. Shortly after high school, I found myself in front of that box a lot more often that my parents ever allowed while I was at home. The difference now is instead of telling my story, there were a lot of people around me that were ecstatic for me to tell their story. The words I typed into the computer were still my words, but weren’t research papers about acid rain, or and book report summarizing “The Iliad”. They were stories about the people that I saw every day, the people that worked to keep our ship sailing to its next destination, and the people that flew the airplanes of the top of this place that I called

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