Narrative Essay: Expect The Unexpected

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Expect the Unexpected. We never could’ve imagined how much our faith and strength would be tested while being pregnant with our fourth child. We already had been blessed with three children who were under the age of three years old during this time. The experience from having the three before, naively lead us to believe we knew what to expect. Well GOD had another plan and we would learn that quickly. Just as this pregnancy was a surprise so was the entire pregnancy. Somehow you can adapt to abrupt changes and in the most desperate situations without even having time to prepare. It was a cool winter day. I had just finished talking to my husband while he was on his lunch break. I ran out to the mailbox to get the mail. I notice an envelope, addressed to me from a pharmaceutical company. This seemed to be somewhat odd, I opened the letter thinking it must be junk…show more content…
Exciting one might think. Had I not been so ill, I’m sure I would have been excited too. Well I had nothing in my bladder due to being so dehydrated and she wanted the ultrasound stat! The nurses had to use a catheter to insert into and fill up my bladder with fluid. They filled a little balloon at the end so the fluid couldn’t leak out. That feeling was awful. It felt as if my bladder would explode. As the ultrasound tech probed my stomach, she declared there is your little peanut. Heart rate looks great! I’m not able to pay attention as I’m feeling like I’m going to vomit and my bladder is going to explode. Paying attention to the ultrasound screen seemed like an impossible task, I just wanted it to be over. She apologizes for me not feeling well and wishes me well. She prints several photos of the ultrasound for me to keep and gives the nurse the ok to release the balloon which relieves my bladder. They both leave the room. I was alone; I looked at this little seven week old bean like being in the photos and prayed that we both survived whatever this

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