Narrative Essay About Your Senior Year

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There are numerous of things to look forward to your senior year. Freedom, early dismissal, late arrival, homecoming week, college acceptance letters, and graduation. I was always reminded to be aware of this senior disease called senioritis, a case of laziness your senior year, but I was not told to be aware of tears and torture. The first day I walked through Ridge Spring Monetta High School doors as a senior, I felt like a target. Eyes turned into laser beams straight for my heart. I was blindsided, I did not know where this hatred came from. Smiles turned into frowns, but I believe even with a damaged hurt and red watery eyes, I still came out on top. The first day of my senior year was an emotional rollercoaster. Knowing that in just…show more content…
My best friend use to tell me to stay strong and ignore the ignorance. I was slowly falling apart. Every senior cannot wait until homecoming week. A week of reminiscing over the past homecomings, visualizing the growth over the years, and a week of activities for the last time. Being that I won homecoming princess my junior year, I was confident I would be nominated. I came to the conclusion the way the year started off, my winning days were over. The first day of homecoming week, everyone had to nominate four girls to represent their graduation class. Rumor was, there were a group of girls that crossed my name out. “Why are they doing this to me?” I cried to my best friend, as she wiped my tears off my face with her t-shirt. Knowing that this was just the beginning, I realized it was going to be more times like this. The next day a senior meeting was called. Knowing that I would be in the same room with the girls, and on top of that people who they influenced, made me not even want to go. Sitting on the bleachers at the meeting, ice was thrown at me constantly. I was so frightening I…show more content…
That week of torture really put a toll on me. I did not want to embarrass myself on the field. “Why did I run for Homecoming Queen if my senior class barely likes me?” was the question in my head. As I walked on the field with my mother holding my arm, I felt like a loser already. When my principle said “2014 Homecoming Queen is,” I heard a Bing in my ears and my eyes went blank. I heard my own thoughts from my mind, “You lost, you lost.” When I came back to reality all I saw my best friend in the footballs stands with tears in her eyes. “2014 Homecoming Queen is Tiana Oakman-Tucker’. I was aghast, tears rolled down my face. I went through so much throughout high school, but homecoming week transformed my life. I realized not to worry about what people have to say about me. I would never stoop to adversity, I have too much to lose. I learned how to be robust. Yes, I cried and hid in bathrooms but I never retaliated or showed them the pain they caused. Just because a group of girls abhorred me, that didn’t mean the whole school agreed. I learned how to love myself and do not change for anyone or situation. What is meant to be, will happen. If you continue to be yourself, others will notice and appreciate what you stand
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