Narrative Essay About Reading

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The beginning of my academic career was the most challenging for me, because I loved to read, but when it came to writing, I was terrible. I would always come up with one sentence to begin a writing assignment with and then developed a brain fart, as if I were frozen in time. To me, it was ironic! I could not understand how I could read two chapter books per week, but when it came to writing, I stumbled. I can tell you how I grew to love reading.
When I was in elementary school, almost every other day after school my father would take my sisters and I to the Marshall Public Library, where we would study together. We would gather around a circular table and read books together to practice working on word pronunciation, spelling words, and vocabulary. My dad was the leader, in the evenings, during study time. This was because he understood the importance of a
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He would even wake up extremely early in the mornings, before we would head off to school and cook us breakfast. My dad worked in the mornings for about twelve hours and my mom usually worked overnight and sometimes all day. My mom had a very strenuous job, working as a custodian at a local high school. This is why my parents’ both considered education to be at the top of their priority lists and together they ensured that my siblings and I did as well. This was good background/upbringing for me, because as I mentioned earlier, I struggled with writing and math. By my mom and dad working with me on my writing, reading, and math skills at home, I had just the right amount of time to practice and improve my skills on a weekly basis. There were times, when I was clueless and lost in class, due to my learning style and teacher’s style of teaching. Thanks to my parents and grandmother, I was able to recover quickly and catch up with everyone else in my
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