Narrative Essay About My Mother

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Have you ever had a person whom was such an inspiration to you? That person for me was my mother. My mother is the most authoritative figure in my life. Not only did she teach me how to use a spoon and shovel food into my mouth, but she is the reason I became the person I am today. There are times when a mother and her daughter don’t always agree, but with disagreements and difficult situations; makes a stronger relationship. She has sacrificed so much in her life to better her family 's. If my mother never came to the United States, my life would have been different. Reminiscing of my younger days, my mother had taught me my numbers before starting kindergarten. I couldn’t remember how to pronounce the number fifty and I kept saying, “five-ty.” When I started kindergarten, I kept forgetting the right…show more content…
Drugs got me into a lot of trouble at school. I had a surgery during my sophomore year for scoliosis and after it, I was not the same. My drug addiction kicked in when I was prescribed Vicodin. My mother never knew the status of my addiction. Drugs was an escape from my reality, it helped me cope with my lifestyle and how my parents were treating me. During my junior year, that’s when everything changed. Eventually, my rebellion caught up with me at school. I was sent to a different school because of my life choices. I ended up attending three schools that year. The second school I attended was Yosemite high school. Yosemite high school was an alternative school when compared to Buhach Colony high school. I didn’t really care much about what I was doing in life anymore. My life at home was crumbling apart. As I got older my relationship drifted even further with my mother because I was rebelling against her. By the time I knew it, I was sent to another school. That school was Merced Valley high

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