Narrative Essay About Lady Gaga

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I am going to share an incredible breathtaking day in my life.
Earlier this year I attended Lady Gaga’s sold out show, The Joanne World Tour in Edmonton on August 3rd It was her second show after it kicked off in Vancouver.

Me and and my best friend Kylie woke up at 4:45am to get ready. We showered, put on makeup and got our outfits ready. My outfit was made a week prior to the show.
A leather jacket hot glued with diamonds, jewels and rhinestones with a red cross painted in the middle on the back a reference to her song “Judas”. The words Lady Gaga were glitter painted on the top and bottom, and under it I wore a Lady Gaga shirt, the rest of the outfit, glitter leggings and the boots bedazzled with rhinestones.

We were ready by 6am, we
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It did not feel real, suddenly the pain in my legs and the hotness from all the crowded bodies went away. She was right in front of us. She performed many of her hit songs including Perfect Illusion, Just Dance, Poker Face, Telephone and The Edge of Glory (which a lot of tears were shared. The night suddenly came to an end at 11:57. She closed with her hit single Million Reasons on a piano, the last thing she said to us “Cause baby I just need one good one.. You know something I see one real good one” and pointed at us. She was lowered into the stage with the piano with nothing left but the microphone stand, piano stool with her pink hat and eventually the piano rose back up. The lights came on and suddenly the pain in my feet came back, it was hot, sad and over. It felt so different than anything imaginable, I felt empty yet so so full.

Throughout that concert it really brought people together. The fans, Gaga, the visuals and the music made it the most breathtaking and incredible experience in my life so far. The waiting was long but I only wish I could have waited longer. I wish I could go back to that morning at 4:45am and get ready all over
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