Narrative Essay About Going To College

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Today is the big day, the day I move from my house to a college dorm room. I knew after the first day after I graduated, I felt like I was ready to be on my own. You ever get that feeling that they say you get when you graduate. You feel as if the world is yours and all you want to do is explore and do everything you dreamed of. As the days count down to go to college I forget that college really is not free. So, I began to stress out. I thought I was ready but realty hit me dead in the face. It wasn 't till my graduation party that it started to sit in my mind that I was not really ready. My graduation party was pretty simple just family. No alcohol or crazy things going on. Just a laid back easy summer day. Me and my oldest brother had graduated the same year. So it was a double everything, most important double the…show more content…
Well not every dorm just the dorm building you picked to stay in. Since, the day we went it decided that it was going to rain all day, we couldn 't do as much as every other orientation group was able to do due to the rain. The director said we could leave after you view the dorms. Driving home after orientation was very different, usually I sleep or just listen to music. But that drive home I was nervous and was thinking the whole trip back home. The campus looked wonderful I was very pleased and happy from what I had got a chance to see. But, what had made me nervous was the fact that I was going to be alone up there. At orientation I looked to see if I could see at least one person from my hometown but, I saw not a single person that I knew. I saw people that came up there with groups of friends, each one of them was going to UT. They was full of joy and excited to all be there. I was up there with my mom and dad but slowly I noticed that when school starts I wasn 't going to know anybody. I was going to be hundreds of miles away from home not necessarily by myself, but

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