Narrative Essay About Football

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When I started playing football I was about eleven years old. I played for my park organization which was Brown Park. My first team name I played for was the Titians. The coach for the Titians is the one who actually made me come play because he had seen me in the basketball gym. He said I could move for my size and would like me to play with him. I said no but then he went talk to my mom and next thing I know my mom tells me I am playing football next year. I was horrible the first couple weeks but got better later in the season. I became one the best defense lineman and offensive lineman players on the team. Then when I got older I played football in middle school at Acadian Middle and Lafayette Christian Academy. My first year playing running back was when I went to Acadian Middle. In my middle school years I was just the power back. Players, people, and even coaches all thought I could not have been a speed back. But, when I got to high school at Lafayette Christian Academy, I started showing a glimpse that I can be an overall line back. It did not truly happen until the biggest play of my career came. When I told my teammate, Sterling Miller…show more content…
For example, one emotion I felt was excited. I never thought I would break for a long touchdown that was eighty yards. Just when I was running, I seen the people that told me I could never do something amazing like this. I doubted myself for so long, telling myself that I could do it and prove to people that I could do it. When running I seen a glimpse of my past going back when I was a little kid just turning eleven and did not even know how to tackle and was scared to play football. Something that people did not know was that I was contacting college coaches so they could look at me, but they all said the same thing. They said I was not fast enough or not truly a play maker running. I took it to heart and worked my butt of to get to the level that I needed to be
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