Narrative Essay About Football

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I started playing football in middle school and I was honestly one of the best decisions I have made. The one memory that sticks out from middle school football would have to be my 7th grade year my first year playing, I joined in half way through the season with that thriving passion of wanting to get all the girls attention and be like those high school football players. But it did not really happen like that I would wear my jersey to school for home games and it looked like I was getting ready to go to prom, And I was not the guy. I really only got to play one play my 7th grade year there were a few reasons to that I was 4”11 and very skinny and sadly even though I thought my brain was massive they could not find a helmet that would fit…show more content…
Now jumping into High school football my mentality changed I got bigger finally and a helmet actually fit on me. Friday night rolled around and that is game night. I was a sophomore so I was not going see the green to much but the intensity and just being there was monumental. The game starts at 7:00 PM but we’re getting ready in the locker room at 3:00 PM Sitting in the locker room getting your lowers on and listening to all the upper classman screaming and getting hyped out, having kids blasting music and everyone picking on the freshman is one of the best environments you can be in as a kid in high school. Its not only the thrill and the fun I have playing football its also the family aspect to it having 50 guys around you that you know you can’t count on. That you know will bring you up when you’re down and always be there for you. The life lessons it teaches you about never giving up even when you’re down 44-0 in the 3rd quarter. I remember sitting in my coach’s class room before our last home game and he was addressing the seniors telling them “That most of you will never get to play football again remember the lessons it thought you remember to never
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