Narrative Essay About A Birthday

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It was my mother’s birthday, I forgot which birthday it was. Two weeks before that day, I was thinking about what should I do for her birthday. I thought about getting her a present and a card, but it seemed to me too dull. I wonder what can I do to let her remember that birthday for the rest of her life, although I cannot remember which birthday it was. I thought of one thing that I always wanted to change about birthday — the cake. I was young and I believed that the cake was really important for birthdays. Previously, the cakes were standard, they taste and look average, they were either chocolate or vanilla flavored with standard bakery decorations on the them, on top, they were always slapped on a white chocolate “Happy Birthday” sign. There I go, I can bake a cake for her from scratch, a unique one which she will never forget about. I started…show more content…
Afterwards, I measured the amount I needed for each ingredient then put into separate containers. Then I had to combine all the ingredients together. For all dry powder ingredients, remember to sift them into the mixing bowl or else it will have lumps while mixing it. I first combined all the wet ingredients like butter, oil and eggs together, whisked them into one egg mixture. Then I sift in the dry ingredients, slowly folding them together. Be very careful on this step, mixing it normally will knock all the air bubbles out of the batter and will affect the fluffiness of the cake. Spray or lightly brush the sides of the cake mold with butter preventing the cake to stick after taking out of the oven. I poured the cake batter into the cake mold and put into the preheated oven. Baking time will differ between recipes, make sure to have the correct time or else the cake will burn. After the cake is done, I took it out and left in on a cooling rack to let it cool down before combining the layers

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