Narrative Essay: A Mother's Love For My Mother

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She waited for me 9 months. She spoiled me even before I was born. The tone of her voice sounded like an angel from heaven singing to me. This person is my mother. My mother is my whole world. She has the most angelic soul in this whole planet. The love I have for her is infinite, meaning it will go on forever and ever. I don’t get enough chances to tell my mother how much I love her. I’m deciding to pour my feelings for my lovely mother on a piece of white paper. Every time I see my mother, I adore admiring her beauty. She has ocean wavy hair the color of the sand. It lays her sweet chocolate colored eyes. The kind of chocolate that melts on a sunny day full of fun and joy. Her smile lightens up the whole room. The tone of her voice is as pleasing as a hug. A hug needed after a bad day. Ever since I was little my mom always watched over me. She was the first once who saw my first steps. The steps of a baby born deer, yet she still cheered like her favorite team scored a goal. I am the middle child out of three. My mother was always our biggest supporter when my dad left. My mom worked days after days to give us what we needed. Every time I felt her hand it felt like sand paper. You felt…show more content…
Sadly, I don’t qualify for FASFA since I am a dreamer. I work long hours to be able to pay for my college tuition. I’ve had faces of wanting to drop out because of how stressed I am. She always gives me that strict teacher tone of voice. “Jhocelin, you have to be successful,” are the words I hear from my mom every now and then. Sometimes even her making my favorite meal after a long day of work is a show of support. She gives me the attention that a baby needs. She listens to my stories and gives her opinion on them. They’re also time where we laugh uncontrollably, that ongoing laugh after the joke was told. We enjoy taking walks around our peaceful quiet neighborhood. The light cool breeze, under the dark night
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