Narrative Case Study: Driving The Automotive Success Story

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Banner: In the news Spell check: Done Words: 781 Author: Anwesh Koley 'Driving' the automotive success story OR It's what is inside that 'drives' success The automotive industry has been witnessing a steady growth over the years, owing to a steady demand across segments and the customer's willingness to opt for technologically advanced products which enhance the ownership experience. Though recent months have seen a slight dip in sales, experts are of the opinion that it is a temporary trend, expected to get over soon. This has a lot to do with international technology finding its way faster to Indian buyers. Earlier, products which were launched in global markets, took months before our streets could find them amidst tarmac. This has changed, due to growing awareness amongst manufacturers and the surge in need for world-class quality. Aiding this growth path are technology partners and component manufacturers who have complemented the OEMs well and have kept pace with the rising demand for higher standards of automation and ease of usage.…show more content…
It is the largest manufacturer of regulator/rectifier and capacitor discharge ignitors in India and is a key supplier to major two-wheeler and four-wheeler manufacturers. It is one of the early adopters of the 'Clean Room' manufacturing concept. Elaborating on this concept, Md. Imtiazuddin, senior manager-electronics division, Napino Auto & Electronics, said, “This concept is aimed at increasing the quality and reliability of the product and is intended maintain near-zero dust levels within the production facility. Globally, this technique is being used in all large-scale factories and assembly lines. Many four-wheeler manufacturers have even made this concept mandatory across their plants. If you want to remain competitive in the market, 'Clean Room' is a

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